Monday, August 27, 2007

Morning Workout Snacks

Two days a week I go to the gym early in the morning, very early, 5:15am. Way too early to make or eat a "proper" breakfast. So, at first I tried to go sans-nourishment. Not the best idea; after 8+ hours of sleeping - OK, more like 6-7 hours. In either case, heading to the gym without munching on something means running on empty.

I still have neither the time nor the appetite for a full breakfast, but here's an idea of some of my grab-and-go morning workout snacks:
- a small handful of trail mix
- 1 graham cracker
- 1/2 an apple
- 1/2 of a breakfast muffin (more on this wonderful concoction of mine in later posts)

some other ideas from some of the ladies at fitsugar
*yogurt *banana *clementines
*small handful of cereal
*a piece of whole wheat toast (with or without peanut butter or jam)

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