Saturday, August 18, 2007

Juice Beauty thoughts

About a month ago I bought the Juice Beauty "Organics to go" kit from Sephora. Here's my run through of getting your beauty to go - Juice Beauty style:

Sensitive Green Apple Peel: First note is that really smells like apples, real apples not apple flavoring, extract or some other artificial concoction - just apples. It has a nice, creamy consistency and was slightly tingly about 30 seconds after application. I left it on for 10 minutes. It tightened nicely but not to harshly. I could see this being a repeat purchase.

Antioxidant Serum: I liked it well enough. It has a light feel and texture going on, but I would rinse my hands afterward because i felt a residue on them, but not on my face - I know, odd. Overall, it was nice but didn't do anything special for me.

Cleansing Milk: Very mild. Honestly I'm so enamored with my current face wash that it really didn't stand a fighting chance. But, that said, I do like using it as my second night time wash. If I wear makeup I'll sometimes wash my face twice so this is nice to use the second time since it's so mild.

Oil-Free Moisturizer:,first things first. It stinks - literally, stinks. It smells like either steamed asparagus or broccoli (both lovely in their own right, but not a fragrance of choice for a moisturizer in my opinion). The label says " lightweight moisturizing antioxidant apple juice" so I was expecting a smell akin to the green apple peel. No such luck. As for how well it works, it is very lightweight, too light for me. Honestly, I only used it 4 times because I just couldn't get past the smell. Granted, the smell doesn't linger - it just makes the actual application unpleasant and rushed.

Free Bamboo Face Cloth: Nice bonus. I tucked it into my travel kit.
Overall: Although there are some nice products - and many more that aren't included in the "To Go"kit, if you're not already sold on organic face products, Juice Beauty probably won't sway you.
*originally posted May 18, 2007

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Lydia said...

Ha! Its so disappointing. I was hoping for more as well. Totally agree about the stinky moisturizer. What gives?